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At SAPHALYA ASSOCIATES we provide our client with complete architectural services that are tailored to the needs of our client. We can assist in early planning and development of a project with all documents and drawings required for the construction.

In all of our services we strive to provide our clients with great value and thoughtful designs that are sensitive to the client and the people it touches. The design process should acknowledge and respond to our client’s ideas and motivation while keeping in mind the energy, context, site, cultural and the human element.

We look forward to understanding what we can do for you. Our fees can vary considerably depending on the nature of the project. We are always willing to discuss the client’s ideas and give our opinion as a precursor to a project without cost.


Architectural concepts

Multiple 3d rendered views

Feasibility study

Project estimates

Approval drawings

Working drawings

Preparation of tender and analysis

Advising client on appointing of contractors

Site Visit

We provide comprehensive architectural, structural engineering service at SAPHALYA ASSOCIATES.

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