Is PAPER the only answer?


Figure 1 explains the cons of using a paper cup. Reference:

Lately we have been listening to the eco-friendly/ sustainable approaches that many franchise are adopting in order to reduce the non- degradable waste generated. The common/ most used alternative is PAPER! But has anyone questioned whether using paper instead of plastic is ‘THE SOLUTION’, as a sustainable approach?

Everyone loves to start their day with a cup of hot coffee. But have we really paid attention to what these coffee cups are made of? These days we see that almost every coffee shop has adopted the use of paper cups. These paper cups have a thin layer of plastic/ polyethylene which helps in keeping your coffee warm and also gives added stability to the cup. However if you closely study the product, such paper cups are even more difficult to recycle as the plastic used in the production cannot be separated from the paper. Hence they eventually land up in the landfill.